Blog back?

IMG_1508Well, hello there. It’s been a long time since I said that the blog was closing and would move to another site. And then…nothing. I did try to find another blog site. Then I kind of got discouraged and gave up. I give up too easily with my blog. Either I don’t write enough or, in this case, I don’t spend enough time and energy to find another blog platform. So, after a while I decided to come back and see how things are standing with WordPress. After all, there is a reason why I chose this platform in the first place and at one point I did really like it. Imagine my surprise at seeing some changes. The mobile site is *gasp* actually user friendly again. I have a clean screen for my blog post itself and I can navigate to another screen for the tags, categories etc. Can I actually use it again? Maybe; I will definitely give it a shot. (I am learning how to use colons and semicolons after helping my ten year old son with his homework. Having kids is useful!) So we’ll see how things go. I will write some more posts and hope that WordPress doesn’t screw anything else up. Hopefully I still have some readers left… (Come back, please!)

Stay tuned (or watch this space).