RIP Terry Pratchett

The news is hardy “new” anymore and a lot of people have written articles and blog posts expressing it much better than I ever could, but I still want to add my voice to the (hundreds of) thousands who are grieving the loss of Terry Pratchett. The man was brilliant with a fantastic mind that was capable of creating so many satirical stories. It is a tragedy that he was first robbed of his brilliant mind, and then of his life – far before his time. I still cannot believe he is really gone.

I have read almost all of his books and love almost all of them. The Night Watch series and the books about Tiffany Aching rank among my favourites, closely followed by the witches books. Rincewind can get on my nerves at times, but there is some very good satire to be found in those books. They are all amazing, really. I love Terry Pratchett for his satire and the way he perfectly captures all that is wrong in our society. But I also love him for creating strong, independent women like the witches and Tiffany Aching.

My first exposure to Terry Pratchett was at a book reading evening at a friend’s house. We all brought our favourite books and read short passages to the assembled crowd. I believe I brought a P.G. Wodehouse book. My friend Joe decided to read the first chapter of Guards! Guards! Joe is a very funny man and his reading was superb. I was hooked after the first page and by the end of the chapter, I was howling with laughter. The very next day I bought the book and I have never looked back. As I mentioned just now, I am a big P.G. Wodehouse fan and I have to say that Terry Pratchett ranks as high as Wodehouse in my books.

I know this post is inadequate to express my gratitude to Terry Pratchett for letting me into the Discworld and my sadness at the end of the adventure. However, I do believe that Terry Pratchett will never really die, his books will live on forever and we will always treasure them – and him.

Rest in peace, Terry Pratchett.


3 thoughts on “RIP Terry Pratchett

  1. Absolutely, and it looks like we share the same taste in books.
    Unfortunately, over here in the USA, not as many people had heard of him. But all the right kinds of people are familiar with Discworld!
    Have you read Connie Willis? I bet you would enjoy hers, too. She and Terry Pratchett are the only authors I read in the Sci Fi category.

    • I had not seen that article, thank you for sharing! I think it’s a brilliant idea and will try to add the code to my WordPress site. Thank you also for the recommendation of Connie Willis, I have not read anything by her, I’ll give it a try.

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