Christmas season

sunrise_winter_sunrise_skies‘Tis the holiday season! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown. The days just seem to merge into the nights. November came and went (and yes, I did win NaNoWriMo with 60,000 words) and now we are hurtling towards the end of the year. 2015 is almost upon us, unbelievable.

This year has been a whirlwind for me, especially because I have been studying so hard. I finished in the beginning of November, but then headed straight into NaNoWriMo, so it hasn’t been until December that I could take it easy. And of course a couple of weeks into December, I got sick. First the kids came down with the flu and then I caught it. So it is wonderful to have some time off over the Christmas holidays. Yesterday we spent Christmas with just the four of us, which was wonderful and relaxing. We don’t have much else planned for the time off, so I intend to catch up on blogging and writing my book, which hasn’t progressed much after the end of November. I intend to blog more, but then it seems I always have that intention and then it all goes right out the window. Maybe now with no studying clogging up my time I can actually focus on things I enjoy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a great New Year, although I hope to pop in here before the end of this year.


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