Just checking…

Hello everyone, is anyone still out there?

It has been ages since I have posted anything, as I have had to concentrate on my studies (as explained in my last blog post). I have studied really hard and this morning I wrote my exam which went surprisingly well. I only have to get 50% for a pass and I feel like I did answer 50% of the questions correctly, so it seems that all my hard studying paid off. I have to wait until mid July before I get the results and in the meantime I have to continue studying as I have another two exams coming up in November.

relaxBut I can still take a little breather and not study absolutely every day, so I may have some time for blogging again. As I went through my studies I did manage to find some time to read, so I will have a book review coming later this evening and possible another few over the next couple of days. I am also hoping to reinstate the weekly quote as I quite enjoyed that one.

I haven’t just been studying the last few months,  but because my brain has been taken over by tax information, I have not felt the least bit creative enough to write. I have barely even written in my diary since Christmas. However, I have not entirely been uncreative, I have really ramped up my crocheting skills. I have started crocheting amigurumis as they are quite quick to do and they always look so cute. The kids of course love this development and have put in several requests (mostly an enderman from Minecraft for my eldest and a “fluffy unicorn, but not pink” for my youngest son).

On the weekend I have started crocheting a teddy bear from scratch, so without a pattern. I have just finished the feet tonight and have to do the face and the ears before it’s all finished, but once I am done I will post a picture. I am rather proud of the effort as I didn’t really think I was that creative. I usually like following patterns (or recipes for cooking and baking), but most patterns online are ridiculously expensive, so rather than spending money on one, I decided to come up with one myself. Maybe I will write this one out and sell it myself (just kidding, if I do write it out I will post it on my blog for free).

Anyhow, it’s good to be back, even though it’s temporarily. Stay tuned for blog posts and I will keep you updated on when I need to disappear again.


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