No weekly quote

I haven’t been able to find a good quote this week, so this will be a regular blog post instead. Not a long one though, I am sorry.

First week at work was fine, I still feel energised because of my holiday, so that is nice. Studying is going okay too, so in everything I can’t complain. I just feel a bit mid-life crisis-y, sort of this feeling of “What am I doing?”. Do I really want to work in tax the rest of my life? If not, when is a good time to make a change? I need the money my job gives me and since it pays the bills, I can’t just give it up for something else. And it does not make much sense to just give up a very good job for something I am not sure I really want. What is it that I want? Be a writer? That would be nice, but since I hate editing (my NaNoWriMo manuscript still lays in its plastic bag I brought it back from the Netherlands in), that might not be a good career move either. And at any rate, being a writer is not really a career unless you’re very lucky.

So on I plod, studying and working away, wondering about what my next move should be. Since my company may not be around that much longer, it may be a good time to firm up my next move, but I have no idea. It will probably be another tax job, but maybe one that can eventually afford me the opportunity to work for myself (as a consultant or advisor).

Don’t get me wrong, I feel very lucky to have a good job and the ability (and energy) to work and study, I just don’t want to just float through life doing the same thing forever. It’s good to think ahead (as much as Eckart Tolle advocates that one should live in the now), it’s just hard to decide what the next should be. Luckily I have another couple of years to figure it out.


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