I’m back!

IMG_1508I’m back from a wonderful holiday. Lanzarote was amazing, sunny and relaxing. We had rented a house in the north of the island, away from the busy resorts and tourist areas. The finca was spacious, well-equiped with the modern conveniences, but off the grid. Power came from solar panels and a bank of batteries for in the evening and water was drawn from a well. Even the waste water was recycled for the beautiful cactus garden. As the finca was outside the village at the foot of the mountains, there was absolutely no noise and light pollution. Sitting in the garden at night, you could look up and see the milky way and not hear anything except the wind in the palm trees.

So yes, it was a very relaxing holiday. On a typical day we would do something touristy in the morning (visiting the caves, going to a market, going on a submarine dive), then come home for a siesta and then go swimming after the intense heat of the day. The kids loved swimming and a few days when the weather was overcast we would go in the morning and stay a little longer. In the evening we would make a dinner at the finca (usually consisting of barbecued fish) and the kids would go to bed at a reasonable time, leaving us with a nice, quiet evening.

The finca had a very well-stocked bookcase, so I ended up reading books from the bookcase, rather than the books I downloaded and brought on my Kindle. So I did not read The Spirit Room which I was going to write a review about (sorry, Michael!), but I will try to get to it soon. I did read a number of other interesting books, as well as just some easy-read mysteries.

IMG_1506There was no internet at the finca, which was lovely. During our siesta the kids would watch Cartoon Network in Moroccan (at least that’s what we think it was) and hubby and I would read or snooze. For the rest of the day, we spent lots of time together as a family, which is really what holidays should be all about. Regular life was put on hold, and could not creep up on us through the internet, phone or mail, so we could really disengage and recharge.

Being back has been hectic right away. The kids needed school supplies (our youngest is starting school, so he needed a whole new uniform), laundry needed to be done (lots of it!) and email needed to be caught up on. Luckily I have had the last two days off to deal with that, but on Monday work and studying will start again. However, the batteries are recharged and we are roaring to go again!


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