Editing week

Okay, guys, I am going to seriously tackle my novel. Printed out, it is 350 A4 pages long and I am on page 199 with my editing-on-paper. Not very far, I actually thought I had done better. With having been sick and trying to find a good diet to combat my gallstones I have once again let my editing slip. Excuses, excuses…

But…not to worry! This Thursday I am taking the kids to the Netherlands to visit my parents for ten days. The kids love playing with the many toys opa and oma have and I usually end up reading a lot when I am there (that or bothering my mom with talking too much). Since I really caught up on my reading last week while I was sick with the stomach flu, I will not allow myself to be lazy when I am in the Netherlands. I am actually going to tote my massive manuscript with me on the train and boat journey and I am going to tackle the remaining pages with a vengeance (and a red pen,  I am done with the green pen). I am also going to bring my laptop with yWriter on it so that I can start doing the rewrites after I am finished with the paper editing. I don’t care how heavy or cumbersome the manuscript is, it will all be worth it if I have a second draft on my novel by the end of the week.

So, from 24 May to 31May I will be editing like crazy. Then I will take a break to celebrate my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and by the time I am back in England on 3 June I should have a second draft of my book. I will report back then, and if I did not finish my edit, you guys all get to yell at  me (capsy comments will be needed).

[Insert motivational yell here.]


4 thoughts on “Editing week

  1. Good for you! Always good to have a plan! And you’re welcome to work at my place when you’re here. (Or to chat about writing, you’ll need that too, and I love it). So excited you’re gonna be here!

  2. Good luck lugging the manuscript about! I did that on my recent trip abroad – made me feel a bit special on the plane 😉 (*People must think I’m a writer!*) But honestly I don’t know how people edit without printing. Also – how great does it feel to know you’ve created something so substantial? 350 pages! Not to be sniffed at!

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